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    Es tut mir leid aber ich muss auf English schreiben. Ich lerne Deutsch momentan aber mein Deutsch ist leider nicht gut genug zu erklären. I have just moved to Hamburg – I am English and my husband is from Germany. WE NEED SOME HELP WITH OUR NEW DOG.

    We have a new labrador (male) which we picked up from a tierheim here in Germany. He is 13 months old and my husband and I are very happy with him as his training his coming along nicely. The only problem is that although he is very friendly with other dogs, he is over excited and acts at the beginning like a puppy. As yet, he is unable to walk past a dog on the lead because of his excitement and frustration. I am well aware of the importance of socialization and that he has, up until now, missed out. We have contacted a dog trainer but once a week is not enough, and our dog trainer is only working on walking him past dogs on a lead with treats, and not socialization. His history is that he lived in a kennel and never went out. His excitement and stress level when he sees a dog is too high to eat treats so this is not proving effective. He requires socialization and rehab – does anyone therefore have a friendly female dog in the hamburg area. We meet once a week with a another female lab (7months) and he is very friendly with her and submissive to her. After they have played together our dog sits calmly next to the other lab. He just needs to meet more dogs. The unfortunate thing is that when he sees a dog on the lead he barks and pulls – other owners understandably walk the other way or cross over, thereby increasing his frustration. My poor german language skills are making it harder for him as i am unable to explain the situation to other dog walkers and explain that he is friendly but frustrated. Does anyone therefore in the Hamburg area have the time, a friendly (preferably female) dog and would be kind enough to help me socialize my dog? Or any advise on where i could find someone to help me? I would really appreciate it as it is such a shame that my poor language skills are hindering my lab. I am going to german lessons by the way and determined to learn the language but only arrived in Germany in Oct! Thank you for your help.

    Vielen Dank

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